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Internet Explorer 9

No surprise, of course, but we can confirm that all features of Discover MLS work perfectly in Internet Explorer 9 (beta version is available for download).
When we say our software runs on every browser and OS, we really mean it!

Adobe Flash on mobile

Today, Inman News featured an article by Tom Flanagan titled “Real estate and the future of Web Video”.

Truly a fascinating subject, but Tom makes one statement that is flat-out wrong.  And he’s not alone…I see the same, totally-ironic sentiment expressed pretty regularly, no doubt the result of some brilliant marketing (not to mention Apple consumer fanaticism clouding judgement & rationality).

He says, ”As you know, Flash is not an “open” application. It does not play across some devices — notably the iPhone and iPad.”

To be clear, this is not by Adobe’s choice

The reason Apple has not embraced Flash is simple, and is no secret: if developers can deliver web pages to a smartphone with app-like look & feel using Flash, they won’t have to go through the App Store, and Apple will lose revenue.


Allow the best to lead, and follow the examples!!

How long will it take the industry to catch up to MRIS, MRED, NorthstarMLS and Houston?  To CEO’s, AE’s, Executive Officers, Board/Association/MLS Presidents…as a general group:  Why are you not running your MLS as some of the best run MLS’s have been running now for the last 10 years?

Since 1986, I have attended all of the NAR Annual meetings, NAR Mid-Year meetings, Executive Officer meetings, and multiple state-wide and regional MLS events.  During this time, most of the attendees listened to what the featured speakers have said and their very intelligent content.  The advice, visions, and facts & figures, though repetitive in nature at times, have been right-on for the leading MLS’s in the US, as well as others around North America (because Canada can manage their business just fine, thank you!).  They invested their time in what they believed was the right direction, investigated the merits and ROI, and said yes to change.